Our Story

2Twenty2 is dedicated to producing skincare products with effective clean ingredients that promote vibrant and healthy skin.

2twenty2 Skin Care Story

Long friendship and great ideas lead to innovative projects

2Twenty2 was the collaboration between three executive women looking to shake up the skincare world. The brand was created for the discerning individual that invests into their health and wellbeing. Each product is thoughtfully crafted with a skincare need in mind. Simplicity is an aim with a focus on active ingredients that work for quality anti-aging results.


Your skin
– your self

Caring about your skin is caring about your inner being.

100% Non Toxic

Each ingredient in each of our products has been carefully chosen so that it contributes to the health of your skin, which will, consequently, have an effect on your overall health

Paraben Free

The core of our mission is to produce the products that are made of the best ingredients. And we proudly can say that our ingredients come from organic plants.


Most likely, you will be amazed when you see the results of our products soon after the first application. Just as we did!


There is nothing artificial in our serums and moisturisers, except for the branding, which is a product of a natural talent!